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Hey mate, well done on 4 weeks clean. The first few weeks are always the hardest and the urges and temptations will get milder as you coast along. Just remember not to ever get complacent and keep all your blockers away. Don’t get deterred if you ever have very strong urges momentarily or (and I hope you never will) relapse – these are very normal. As long as you overcome then and learn from each one (learn about your triggers – most of them are related to stress, pressure, boredom, greed or a false sense of security – and mostly importantly, how to control or deny them).

One step at a time. Keep your blockers up and mind vigilant. You’ll get through this. I’m 27 without a family and it’s hard enough. Although of course I also consider how my parents have helped me all my life and I don’t want to let them down. You’ve got not only yourself but your partner and kids to look out for. Don’t let them down and be the man they can look up to.