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Thanks for your post theone it means alot and hope you are doing well.

I am 14 days gamble free so in truth May with regards to my recovery is going great it is just every other aspect of my life is s**t , struggling with so very many other stresses and today I really fancy having a bet…….I have thought about it long and hard and thought as to why I feel the need to have a bet and I have come up with the answer “I am so stressed with everything at the moment and so worried I need to take my brain out of gear and forget about everything for a while” who knows anymore, life is like a rollercoaster with all the ups and downs but just for today there dont seem to be many ups and havent seen many for a while!

Thanks for listening I just needed to share, I dont think I have done 14 days gamble free for over 6 months so thats a positive, wish each and everyone of you all the very best as I always will, take care and hope you all have a great weekend.