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live is tough, i feel financial problems are the easier ones to deal with, what may seem big, you can break things down, I sold my property to pay off my debts but a a compulsive gambler you no that didn’t happen i used to to try and gamble my debts away and they just got worse, I would try and write each debt down that you have so u no how much and who to pay to, you could also then speak to your creditors and explain your situatuation and asked for reduced rate, or you could go to a chartity debt management plan like stepchange and pay what you can afford to pay and live at the same time, then you no your money goes out and debts are being paid and conscious is clean, no shame in speaking to creditors explaining your situation, if you have payday loans then their are other routes like I did you can go down and if you have let me know. I no it may seem tough and you may have a tough month now, but if you can try and deal with these like I say then by next 2-3 months things will become alot more easier . But dont delay look at your fnaicnces, speak to them speak to stepchange, its a free charity service