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so unfortunately I was doing well for a bit again and started to be scared of the amount of debt I have made for myself:(

the truth is is I make good money at my age but I really have to sacrifice a lot to get it. I work out in the oilfield and it’s not an easy life. Long days and nights of 14-16 hr shifts in all the elements. And I started to think to myself It will take you years to pay this off with so much sacrifice. This made me slip up yet again. But today is a new day and I am going to stop for good. I have finally started to realize that this will actually kill me if I continue.

i met with a finiancial advisor about my next steps because I was considering bankruptcy or debt proposal but unfortunalky because I make enough money it would make zero sense to do so.

so this sadly will be my day one all over again:(

i am going through some problems with my girlfriend where we are about to break up and this stress pushed me to gamble again over the weekend. I need to learn I cannot do this anymore. If I keep this up it will be the end of me and I know it. The lows I feel from gambling are so severe. And the spans I have had when I become free from it I remember how much better life can be.

thanks for listening everyone