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Yesterday was another tricky Friday, this time it was made worst by a cold, I was now tired due to work and unwell.

The new way of life is in place but I felt like returning to the old familiar and predictable way of life last night. I have not drank since last Christmas and only gamble once this month, what is wrong with drinking or gambling for this one time.

Why did I want to do it? I have this stupid idea that it could make me feel better.

It seem like every time such and such a thing happen, this will happen. If I am not feeling well, I would gamble.

If I stay out last night, I am very sure the drinking or gambling will take place. I return home instead, took some cold medication and slept last night, hoping for the best on the next day.

I woke up this morning feeling totally different, I would not want to pick up another drink today but I still need to try and stay gamble free today.