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Hi All,
I am in BIG trouble.  Bailey, (who is 10) has been losing lots of teeth the last month, the tooth fairy has been good to him.  He lost a tooth on Sunday, and put it in a white mug above the sink.  I forgot about it, the tooth fairy was really busy Sunday night, i told him to put it in a glass on the table. Now, he has just got out of the shower, and informed me that not only did the tooth fairy not come, but that the tooth is gone and she drank all the water that was in the glass with the tooth!!! LOL
Ive told him she must be extra busy, she might be sick, she may have run out of money but really needed that tooth.  I said we will leave her a note tonight but he said he doesnt want to……he hates the tooth fairy!
I need to ring Damian when he goes to school, i dont know where the tooth is, hopefully down the sink to never be seen again.
I went back to work last night after a month off.  It was great to see the girls and my residents, but the nurse in charge is a different story.  She doesnt cope well under any amount of pressure whatsoever, i asked if she could do something for me last night as i was at one end of the building and she was going to where i needed to be.  She said no, she was too busy.  A doctor had come in and asked her to do a dressing.  This woman is 2 doors up from the room i had to go to. So i went and did it, it didnt really matter, but she isnt a team player.  Next year im going to look for something else.
We put up our Christmas tree on Sunday night, the fake one, it does look really nice and i love sitting at night with the little twinkle lights on, its mesmerising.  I have the day off today ( i know, what a life) and have to take Brea to get some uniforms for her work.  No thoughts of gambling, which i find interesting.  I mean, i would love to go for an hour, but we all know what would happen then and im not prepared to go back, not that i could, id be thrown into the horse trough!!!
Vera, a boogie board is a foam board you can ride waves on, or paddle around on, they are quite big, not as big as a surfboard, you couldnt stand on it, and there are no waves here, but the boys will be able to play at the beach with them.
I hope you all have a great day, bye for now, Kathryn xxx
Life is about falling….living is about getting up!– 30/11/2009 8:44:04 PM: post edited by kathryn.