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Thanks. Well i went into the bar friday night and caught him gambling. He said only $20 and won $600. I told him it was over. We talked outside. I stood my ground to leave and showed no emotion. He smashed his phone and he took off in truck in a rage. Me and our son slept at my sisters this night. He messaged me on fb all night and all day saturday while we were at a parade begging me not to leave. Pleaing he will quit everything from coffee to beer to gambling. My newphew was working with him. My bf does drywall self employed. My nephew has disclosed to his parents and then they told me. My bf will only admit he gambled twice in edmonton since we lived here for 2 years. There is a history of gambling prior to edmomton. I prob mentioned in original post. I went home sat afternoon and he was on the basement stairs crying. There was a chair on its side and extension cord hanging that snapped broken- a suicide atempt scene…..i dont believe he was serious
Its just a tactic to keep me in relationship. My brother in law and sister are mad at him for blaming mark on telling them lies about his gambling. He wont admit to me that he gambled more than twice in last 2 years claiming both times were only $20…..he balled and begged me like a desparate man for about 20 hours straight. He got me were he wants me. i had to admit i would stay so he would calm down.
Then he figured out i just screwed around by saying that because i wouldnt have sex with him….then he started begging me to stay again. He said suicide again and kissed our son goodbye….omg. he got me again…we had sex…we went out for supper with our boy…we were putting this in the past and he is to never use cash again for anything. Just use debit so there is a paper trail of his money. He says my nephew is telling lies because he is covering up drug use and shit to his parents and that hes mad at my bf for firing him twice on sparate occassions….the big one is that my nephew is saying my bf put $500 into the boards on friday night 2 weeks ago and lost it all and was leaving casino shaking his head. He claims to have never set foot in a casino in his life…..he is even denying the fact that my bro-in-law said that his friend seen him and my nephew at casino somes months ago…
..why did it do that? Omg she will leave me! I even seen the withdrawls from his account 200, 300 with $1.25 withdraw fees to show a bar or conveniece store atm was used. He claims that cash was used for work materials. ****! I cant belive him and he cant find all receipts to prove for that date.
What do i do?