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      Hi, I"m back.  Some of you might remember me.  My original post was ready for divorce.    Hubby is worse.  Last count for his winnings from 2010 was like $25,000.  Pretty close to his salary.  He is more withdrawn.  Doesn’t participate in any family activities.   The kids and I go, but he stays home.  When he is home, he ignores me and the kids.  The kids will want to play with him (they are 6 and almost 4) and he’s either sleeping(from staying out all night), watching tv(because that is so important) or just plain ignores them.    Even when they are shouting, dad, dad, read me a book. 
      I"m still doing childcare.  I was recently told that I could file my income seperate from his and claim the kids.  If we file together, we will owe because of his winnings.  I may get some money back even if I owed money to taxes because of the kids.  I have been seriously thinking about it.  However, it will probably not be safe for me to do so.  He will get terribly angry. 
      He did not attend his daughter’s b-day party in Oct.  Some of you may remember that he missed our son’s back in April. He’s mom who had been given him money for gas for the van, and cigs, is continueing the same ole,ole.  She’s been not as friendly towards me as she had been in the past. 
      About an hour ago, daughter said daddy hates us.  I said no he doesn’t.  But she said yes he does because he doesn’t  talk to us.  I am working on a website for my jewelry and crochet items that I make.  I’m planning on another open house in a few weeks.  Any extra money would be greatly appreciated so I have been working hard.  I  have my daycare yet, where I watch kids from 8-5, 4-5 days a week, and while they are napping I’m working on my jewelry/crochet. 
      I know I wasn’t here for awhile.  But I was getting really down that nothing was changing in my life.  Everything is still the same, but I have decided not to take it.  I’m going to ask around to see if anyone can help me or know of someone who could.  I need a lawyer.  It’s time to get this under way.  It’s really taking a toll on the kids, and I can’t have that.   Plans we have plans  broken because he has the van.  The van that I pay for the insur and registration for.  He paid almost $100 in groceries last night, and got mad about it and left all night.  Mind you, groceries is the only thing he pays for, except for his cigs.  The $100 is  for 2 weeks for a family of 4 plus 1 dog, and 1 cat.   

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