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      My brother has a very serious gambling addiction which has led him to steal from family, friends and businesses. This has being going on for nearly 20 years. When I first found out I was so deeply shocked. He had forged checks and stolen money from me and others. He was up in court over being caught stealing but got a suspended sentence. Any respect or love I had for him would now be almost non-existent. And yet there is something nagging at me to say he cannot be evil…but I don’t know.
      There was a glimmer of hope before Christmas where he went to a rehab and seemed to be doing well. However, we have found out now that he is gambling again. I cannot understand it. I can’t believe that anyone could be so ruthless. And the really sad part is that it has put a serious wedge in our family this time. My mother is his main enabler. I have loaned her over €17000 over the past 3 years which I now realise was mostly going to him. She lied to me each time she asked for money and said it was not going to anyone else. It is not so much the money that hurts but it really hurts me that she would put him before me. She is now 72 and not in great health but since we intervened this last time she has practically disowned one of my sisters and I. Another sister seems to be doing relatively Ok with her but I am not sure how long that will last. You see this last time, us three sisters decided that the only real next step would try to admit him to a psychiatric unit. Let us just say that it was a disaster. He was analysed by junior doctor, barely out of nappies and was left go the same night.
      My mother blamed us as he got very down and said it was the wrong route to take. It is funny but she would have always favoured my brother and one of my sisters significantly and she is now showing through to form, I cannot explain how hurtful this is.
      I am not sure what to do from here. I would really love some advice because I am desperateHELP

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