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      Its been awhile since I posted. I started a new thread because I gambled and reset my recovery to square one.
      What happened? A family member asked me to help them find slot games on Facebook and it triggered something I thought I have forgotten. GA book says “don’t test or tempt yourself, don’t associate with those who gamble” oh how true.
      Anyway, here I am again with counting from zero. I broke the debit card and gave my husband all the money I had.when I was in the casino, I didn’t know what I wanted to do or hoping for. Winning wasnt it because we all know how cgs are, we never walked away until we are penniless. I am very ashamed to let down my husband and broke my promise with my mom. They can’t bear seeing me in that darkness again. I am so selfish, so stupid, I jepardized not just myself but all my loved ones with my slip. I was fighting my urges so hard I became irritated with everyone and everything.

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