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      my name is tommy i have been a compulsive gambler for the last 8 years it has took my life and ripped it apart
      but now i want it back im 34 on fri . and i feel this is my last new start i am up to my eyes in debt,and at an all time low
      i have not really tryed to stop before iv kidded myself on for years everything was ok
      my trigger was a broken heart a long time partner left me, my world crumbled
      self excluded for 3 years but still had sneaky bets ,feeding the fire
      main problem is bookmakers fobts and pub fruits and the fact i like a gamble
      took up a new hobbie fishing love it
      iv tryed lots of different angles on my problems the bottom line is gambling is bad for me
      im not here for pity just want to help myself
      i fear for my life right now
      il just try a score ?? loser

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