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      Its now july 4th , 5 months after treatment finally i feel like im going in the right direction, my recovery has been very difficult, after leaving Gordon Moody, i fell into depression and my gambling was constant, i was involved in constant worry and fear of what my gambling was doing to me, it felt like the three months course was a waste of time, whilst in this mellow i still continued to look for work, and although most days were tough i had the odd day where i felt positive and made a pact to start a fresh, but eventually i just got deeper into gambling, the old ways had slipped straight back in. One thing was for sure i seeked help and although too late at times made the contact to my support worker and looked at how i can prevent myself from gambling and continuede to work on myself. As the weeks went on a finally gave up all hope of control again, and handed over to someone else, i had to stop choosing to gamble, i wanted to start again, 2 and a half months later im gamble free, im happier and am now going back to birmingham, i want my life back there and for me getting a few months free of gambling is a great springboard to my life back home, i wake up now and want to live the day, i keep busy , i joined the gym, …………………………… ross hardy 5/7/13 im proud of myself for giving london a go, in the end it was not for me, im sad to say by to gordon house the support since i left whilst in beckenham was great, and i think its helped me move forward, i write this in very good spirirt and feel positive and very hopeful that i can start to enjoy life again. No regrets, past is the past, the future i can change.– 7/4/2013 8:16:56 AM: post edited by harry.

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      Hey ross…i’m here with u..i want yo close my bet365 account..but in my soul i hope for a big win..i think about me that i am good at bets..but i only lose money..keep in touch ross..

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      Well done for posting that Ross. I’m so glad that you are now somewhere that you feel settled and able to get on with your life. Use this clean time as a spring board as you say. I hope to see you in group tonight.

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