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      Hi everyone, Ive been reading the forums today, and realized so many of these stories could be mine… gambling started out as fun., but now seems more of a burden.. I kept telling myself that I had it under control.. but realized today that I cannot do it on my own… what used to be playing $20-40 in the poker machines have turned into $200-400 — and it seems to be more often.. I tell myself I will just play a minimum.. but I always play more than I should.. and more than I can afford– and always feel awful when I leave the game.. Haven’t hit rock bottom.. but fear it is not far off…. last month I had to make a payday loan to make it to my next payday( which will cost me twice the amount in interest) because I gambled my bill money…. things need to change.. and today I make a commitment to change for myself.. I deserve better.. but I know it will be hard and will take time.. At this time, I will turn to God, and pray for the strength I need to do this. I welcome ANY AND ALL advise and guidance any of you have… thanks and God Bless!!

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