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Okay, so two crucial things happened. Today I chcecked all gambling websties and ensured myself that I am self-exlcuded on them. I were not on few and that led to my first failure. Even though I really wanted to fight the urge, I couldn’t. I lost 400 PLN. Luckily though I quickly realised what is going on and stopped playing and di not lose everything. Right now I am 100% sure that I am self-excluded on all gambling websites. I have finally installed gamban both on my phone and my notebook (before it was installed on PC).

2nd thing – I took another loan. So my situation is as follows:
D1: 1428,50 PLN
D2: 1024,56 PLN
D3: 2109,60 PLN
D4: 1656,72 PLN

So at first it looks grimmy… But I have managed to spare myself quite a lot of cash – 900 PLN on my bank account. I will tomorrow use it to pay some part of one of the debts. I sepnt 200 PLN on setting up a new profit-oriented website (of course non related to gambling issue) – we have a plan on developing it and creating

Unfortunately prolonging loans is EXTREMALY expensive… That’s why I think I would finally want to tell my parents about all this mess. If I don’t find any other way, probably I am gonna do it next weekend.

Important question: Do you have any tips on how should I tell them about everything?