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Hi CraigMac,

I’m sure you will have read the barriers that have helped others on some of the other threads here?

Here are some suggestions though – you deposited money on your Sports Book – how about closing it and, importantly, asking them to ban you? There are also blockers you can download to stop you signing up omn opther gambling sites.

Accountability – who can help you with this so that you can’t gambel secretly or instantly act on an urge? When I first stopped I had all bank statements etc sent to mu mum’s address and on payday my money transferred to her account. It was still my money of course, it just meant that I couldn’t gambel it.

Report your credit/debit cards lost or damaged. You will get new ones. Get someone else to open the envlope when they arrive and scratch off the 3 digit code. You then can’t register them on any online sites.

Keep posting and let us know what positive steps yopu are taking now, while you don’t want to gamble and before the urges return.