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Keeping busy is great Kpat-idle hands are the devils workshop for sure where gambling is concerned.
Don’t be afraid to go to GA alone. While there are sucessful couples the majority work their program of recovery alone even if they go to the same group. Even if you never go to a group there are great GA resources at The 17 page yellow book is online and it is simple and straight foward. Even though I have been reading it almost 5 years I still read things that suprise me. There is one phraise that hits me like a rock ” gambling has led many to the gates of prison, insanity or death”. It’s true, so so true! If I had kept going the way I was it would have killed me without a doubt. When it comes to sucide Cg’s are #1 amoung all mental disorders. I believe its the shame factor. People can’t see the physical addiction assocated with putting all your money in a machine and don’t know that the endorfins released have the same effect as taking a drug.
„my” slot maching was like an abusive lover who took it all and kept me coming back for more with the promise of „give me one more chance to make you happy!” We’ve heard that song and dance before!