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This morning I woke up thinking about betting just $100 and trying to double up 5 times. If I lose the $100 bet I would leave. Lucky for me I check my bank account on my phone and the money still not there yet. So really can’t go. Life is so simple if you don’t have any money. Pretty much just go to work and go home.

Bank yesterday went well. Was surprised to find out that my credit is still good enough to pre qualify for a mortgage. Now its time to shop for a bigger place. Gambling did put me quite a bit behind all my brothers and friend in terms of financial freedom but I am recovering and the thought that I have to pay a bigger mortgage will hopefully keep me in check.

I cannot bet ever again. I know that and I just have to keep telling myself that every time I get thoughts of going.

Hope everyone is doing well. Keep strong don’t start again.