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Hi Gov, I have just been catching up in your thread . I have had a recent relapse and find it hard to post when I’m „active”.
U remind me of me.. I love eating out , hairdos ,pedicures etc
I kinda beat myself up at the moment that I am in my forties now and can’t afford to try a bit of Botox!!

I too have debts but despite my relapses , I am tackling them.
I rang every single company, Said I am skint – I want to pay you u will have to come up with a repayment plan.. They all either stopped the interest or lowered it so I could make a real dent in the debt.. Perhaps you could do something similar? I also set up a direct debit to come out on payday so they always get paid.

Gov I hope you are getting all the support you deserve . Your boyfriend sounds so great!

I also agree that it not our fault .. Since I came to this conclusion I find it easier to resist..
I no longer want it be taken for an idiot by greedy unscrupulous people.

Thank you for sharing . Your thread is great!!