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Hi Kingskid
Unfortunately your old thread didn’t transfer across to our new site so I can’t bring it up for you to receive the support I think you want.
I appreciate you have been down this road many times before but you are back here now and I don’t think you would be if you didn’t want someone who understands the problem you are living with to listen and share with you.
I am aware that you are armed with knowledge of the addiction and you have your barriers in place. Maybe you feel there is nothing more that we can add to what you have already done – maybe you are right but we want to walk with you again because ‘going down the same road’ is something that is understood here and in my opinion it is easier having understanding companions on the way.
You have your story in the middle of Neecy’s thread.. Starting another thread would give us the ability to talk to ‘you’.

On this forum ‘you’ are the priority and I believe we can offer you more support as you hang in there. For those who wish to support you it is difficult knowing we are on someone else’s thread so I do urge you to start your own thread, contact our helpline, join our groups, use the benefits available on this site.
I do remember you and I think it is great that you knew you could return – well done.