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Hiya Kathryn
It’s been a while since I posted to you and I have just spent the last half hour catching up. I am stuck at the moment. Can’t take the dogs out because our market town is virtually closed – the Light Dragoons (our local troops) are marching through the town having returned from Afghanistan and we are having a fly-past.
There are more important things in the world than washing up but keep whinging because mums are supposed to – just as teenagers are supposed to be awful. The secret is to know that it really isn’t important; she will grow up and be wonderful. The other secret is to stuff yourself with cheesecake – but you already know that. xxx.   I remember as a kid there was adult food and children’s food – now I eat what I want, when I want it and the more wicked it is the better – I will even run with scissors if I want to. The plus side of getting older!  
I have now returned from watching the parade. It was very moving.   The children were climbing on the tanks and getting cuddles from strapping, handsome soldiers. Yes definitely the minus side of getting older.
I must away and dream – I just wanted to say hi and as always – I think you are doing great.
Loads of Love
Velvet xxxxxxxxxxxxxx