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Hi Kathryn!
I am back, not sure exactly where my head has been at but I have come to the conclusion that i need to be here. I am thankful and grateful for all of you and your support. It was lookin pretty grim for me these last few days, I think I am back on track thank goodness I am a  quick learner.  I have not gambled since I had my meltdown on Friday and dont plan on any time soon.  I am hoping for this coming up weekend to remember my grief and my debt to keep me away this weekend.  I have taken all checks out of my purse and all cards. The only card I have left is the joint account which my husband is on and for some reason when I am out of control at the casino I know better than to use that card. He would find out and I am afraid to go there so I have restained from using that card.
It is intersting to me to know that I can do that, when all other options have no value or consequences in my mind once i am gamblin. so anyhow, nothin in my purse plans to self exclude and keep comin here.
So I am back. Thank God! That was so scary   you know tha way I was feeling … I think you all have saved my lifethis to shall pass