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Hi Sas,
Welcome to the forum. I believe that no form of gambling is any good for a CG, including a little footy bet but these machines are like the heroin of gambling and they should be banned. I remember those feeling you talk about, it felt like the machine was ********** against and had it in for me and I also remember walking out the bookies after a bad loss with as straight a face as I could manage but inside I was going beserk and really wanted to smash the nearest thing up.
You have been given some great advice already and I agree with what P says, there are plenty of barriers you can put in place to stop yourself when the urges are great. I know you say you like a little football bet but if you have a problem and believe you are a CG you cannot have a bet of any kind otherwise you will keep going round in circles, you have to stop all forms of gambling.
Take some real action today and things will get better day by day.
CarlMy soul is back