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Kin, always be kind to yourself my friend, you are a truly wonderful person with such a loving heart, God knows you well and also knows your heart just like he knows me and mine, God knows you are a good person and will always look after you even when we think he isn’t around he is………..we just choose not to look for him, we have problems Kin, we are compulsive gamblers and with that it causes us many stresses and problems in life but deep down I know we are both good, kind, loving people, it is difficult to explain but trust me I know what I am talking about.

Things happen in life for a reason Kin and I honestly believe that, me being a compulsive gambler has caused me many problems and heart ache but with finding recovery it has taught me more than I would have been able to learn in my whole entire life and I mean that.

Take care my friend and will always wish you well, keep sharing, stay in touch and never not believe in yourself because I know you are well worth believing in!

I really hope your maid, your mother and most importantly yourself are all well, take care and speak soon, enjoy your day and try not to work to hard.

You remind me of a song Kin……..”I am a soul thats intentions are good oh lord please don’t let me be misunderstood”