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Hey thanks Steev for your reply. I was actually really thrilled to discover the GT ap and now forums by complete chance yesterday. I was trying to find a support group on Facebook and joined one that doesn’t seem to have been used for some time. As I scrolled through some older posts someone mentioned downloading an ap on their phone which helped them. When looking through the ap store I came across this and am so pleased I did. 

I have tried to find local support groups but haven’t had any luck. So to at least have found this one feels truly great as a start to me getting the help and support I need.

Every time I had seen myself getting out of control through the online slot machines I have contacted their problem gambling team and asked for a permanent self ban from my accounts. What I did find great was that after I first relapsed after a full 5 months of not gambling, every new site I found I also seemed to not be able to access and my card declined. They will have all been under the same governing company. When I did find one again in January this year, after an entire day spent on there and more losses I once again had myself band through their problem gambling team. I found their teams to be brilliant and supportive, passing me on all the information I needed to get help. 

Another relapse with money stresses lead me to a new site 2 weeks ago. I have now also had myself banned on that one and have seen on this site information about blocking software to install on my phone. I will be doing this today as I am ready to never ever end up in the situation I only just got myself out of after 7 years and have deep shame that I have even allowed myself to possibly loose my one chance I had to get into my own home and have some security. 

This site is amazing, and I am so thankful I have found it. I’m exhausted, it’s been 2 weeks of no sleep and now a long wait with no funds to get me through until next pay day. I know I am better than this. Thank you for your support