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      Day One
      Today I feel devastated because of what i have done. I dont understand this addiction. I dont understand it at all, how it can rob me of myself, of my peace of mind, of my finances. I want today to stop. I want change, i want a different life than this one i have been living for so long. I feel sad today at the wasted years. The complete waste of life and money and time. I have lost much in this life. I dont want to lose any more. Today i make a vow to myself. A vow to stay strong and live each day gamble free the best that i can. I dont want to be this person i have become. It is not good enough to be this way. It is not good enough that i live my life in this pain each day. i want out. This is my first day of this journey without a bet.

Rodoma 0 atsakymų gijų
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