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      Hi,im her becasue im a compulsive gambler and tonight i went in the dreded bookies and blew all my cash on thr fobt roulette what a con i did maximum on 1 number for over 100 spins and didnt come in once so you can imagine the loss without me saying .These things are so fixed i cant belive i left the shop totaly deverstated after telling the assistant i was off to kill myself becasue of what i had done i dont know if they belived me or think i have who know ,Any way in here now and hope thus will help me get through this and carry on with life .My gf said im stupid but isnt leaving me but now i gotta replace the cash some how, But the most important thing is that i must stop gambleing right now before it totaly destroys me and i do end up dead so from today one day at a time iam not going to gamble .And rember everyone the FBOT TERMINAL WILL ALLWAYS WIN THEY ARE THE MOST EVIL GAMBLEING DEVICE EVER MADE ,i just felt like smashing them up but thats mad as only would have ended up getting arrested ,anyway im gonna stay focused and say one more last thing NEVER GIVE UP GIVEING UP !!!

Rodoma 0 atsakymų gijų
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