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      One thing i have done the last four days is to try and think in a positive way, smile accept what i have done and move on.
      Gambling wheres the devil on its back, i m not going to give up as no one in this world is a last cause it shows more of a man to accept and seek help, i have been battling this for ten years been to the Gordon moody programme and finished only in February, i must take the positives from my journey so far instead of always been negative, yes i have gambled sporadically, perhaps im not fully ready yet, one thing i do no is that i will get a life free of gambling, many mistakes that i have made and many more that i may shall be the core to my recovery and abstinence, for everyone each journey in recovery is different, factors for everyone are different, one thing i will stop doing from now is making EXCUSES as to why i gambled there are not any, the reason why is because i havnt found another way to deal with them, whether its because im unhappy, lacking in confidence or other, only me can change the habit and knock it on the head, thats seems so easy but at present for me its far from easy.
      All the best for the week i shall make progress in looking forward and making something of my new life in beckenham, if it doesnt work out at least i no i gave it a go, whether this change in location is right for me im still to find that out, i just want happiness and calm and i will get it if i keep trying.
      Gordon moody October 2012- February 2013
      No regrets, past is the past, the future i can change.

Rodoma 0 atsakymų gijų
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