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Dark Energy

Hi Maverick,
it is sad to hear about your health issue I hope you recover soon, and I agree with you about the health impact of gambling, for me because I am addicted to leveraged trading so the relapse is not a day period that lasts some times to 2 or 3 weeks, during that I barely slept for a 1 or 2 hrs every day, and a lot of gambling stress in addition to the normal life stress that will be elevated because I will be fully occupied by following the charts, I recall that I had a car accident because I was following the charts on my mobile while I am driving, and I can recall two or 3 other cases where I managed to avoid accidents at the last moments because of the same thing. also, the lack of sleep is really impacting my health, I remember many times after a few weeks of trading I reach a degree where it looks like my brain is forcing me to lose everything as this is the only way to rest (it looks like a survival mechanism that will be triggered at a certain point).

I hope you all the best.
keep posting.