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Well I went back to G.A. again last night. To be honest it wasn’t good for me this time. We did an open session and this one guy just drive me off the walls. Doesn’t even call himself a compulsive gamble and tries to give everyone advise like he’s some guru and he doesn’t even have much clean time.

That being said I have realized other things, like how life is hard and we deal with all types of triggers and things. I realized I am glad I am not like that guy to be honest lol.

Other then that the gambling has been ok, the urges aren’t around right now. Then again I am still living in the disgust stage, where I fell hard last time was around the 90 day mark I thought I had it. Need to constantly remind myself that this is forever. I don’t want to go back to the dark past but in the future I will need to remind myself of this dark past.

Thanks for listening everyone!