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Its been a few months and 20-30 grand since I have last been on the site. Theres been baccarrat in the Philippines , Slots all over the place, and a lot of Poker.

Self banned from Pokerstars and Full Tilt last night for the 180 day period-the longest I could. Tried to get on here last night-no one on…and spent another couple of hundred on online slots. (That was a first-boring as hell-but I did it).

Went and saw a a Doctor, but his specialty was not really gambling addiction. I talked-he listened, and after 7-8 200 dollar sessions I got bored.

I know I can’t gamble like normal people (and the people I play with are not normal anyway) and quite frankly I am tired of the roller coaster. Want to get off and try for something resembling normal…

Day one starts in 25 minutes…..