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Hello bish180b and welcome to the forum. Well done on looking for help here. With regards to your health problems then of course keep talking to your doctor and using the support and medication that he suggests.

When it coms to the gambling then you have a lot of help and support available to you. You are not alone with this problem as you will have seen from reading the other stories here. You will also have read the success stories – what are they doing that you can start applying to your own situation?

It sounds like you still have bets running. However they turn out, win, lose or break even one thing won’t change – you have a gambling problem. IF your bets do turn out favourably then it will be important to remember that and to address that problem. You have a lot of help available to you – here, similar sites, Gamblers Anonymous, counselling, even residential support.

Start using that support now, start puttinghtings in place and you can have a great gamble free future – one day at a time.

Keep posting.