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Dear dairy
Why do people who was sober for a period fade in recovery?
That was address in the parable of the spiritual growth in Luke 8.
Am I not serious in my recovery. Am I proud resulting in lack of wisdom ?
Many times I felt that I have lost my recovery like this moment and search endlessly for it?
I heard a sermon by a American pastor that God searches too. God doesn’t lose thing like we do for HE knows where everything is and where everyone is but yet HE is searching for people who want to grow spiritually. HE is looking for fertile receptive soil where HE can plant the seeds of the word of God, soil in which His words can take root. Because God is not going to force His truth into our life. God doesn’t force feed us, HE want us to desire it just like a new born babe.
As new born babies, earnestly desires the words of God ~ 1 Peter 2:2
Healthy children are hungry children, if you are in good health, you will be hungry, a spiritual appetite is a healthy sign, you are hungry for the words of God.

We are the one to decide what kind of soil our hearts will be, we decide if we are going to move forward spiritually or we are going to go backward spiritually, it is really up to us. God wants us to grow but we must want to grow as well. You see there is God’s part and there is our part.
Philippians 2:12“….now much more in my absence – work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.
It doesn’t say work for your own salvation; because you cannot work for it. It is a gift of God. It says work out your own salvation with fear and trembling,
work out translate to “carry it to the goal and complete.” ( that is our part)
Philippians 2:13….for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.~
There is human responsibility and divine sovereignty
work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, carry it to the goal and complete it. (our part), but it is God that is working in you. (God ‘s part)
So there is God’s part and our part but the only way we can make it is by the daily help of the Holy Spirit. Be filled with the Holy Spirit.
Ephesians 5:18…And do not get drunk on wine, which results in ruined lives, but be filled with the Holy Spirit.
Apostle Paul was well acquainted with the Scriptures and certainly knew what fearing God meant and what it meant to tremble before God. He knew the Scriptures well enough to have read in the Old Testament that the fear of God equated to wisdom and that trembling represented humility or being humble.
( Positive) Fear = wisdom
( Positive)Trembling = humility
Someone who is proud doesn’t fear God and will lack godly wisdom and someone who doesn’t tremble at His Word doesn’t take the Bible seriously.
(Negative) No fear = proud and lack wisdom
(Negative) Doesn’t tremble = not serious in recovery
These are two grave mistakes that will ensure that God is going to resist them (James 4:6).
Why are some people so full of faith and belief in recovery, who are always leading and giving advice to other recovering people, backslide after some set back. Why did they lose it? Why did people have an excitement about recovery that just fade away?
Maybe they build their recovery on the wrong foundation. When the initial excitement in recovery passes and the trial or temptation comes, they bail. They have no root, they believe for a while, when the trial and temptation come, they fade.
There will be pain, hardship, suffering and sacrifice in recovery when that happen, they fail. They walk away because they don’t want to pay that price.
You need discipline, you need to deny yourself and accept the withdrawal that comes from not acting out but when these emotional low happen, unbelieve set in, they begin to doubt recovery and compromise their recovery..