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      My gambling addiction started at an early age when i used to go on holidays with my mum she would spend the days doing her own thing whilst me and my brother would spend from 10am in the morning until 5-6pm at night in the amusement arcade it was exciting i was young i knew all the cheats and a lot of the time i would wait for unsuspecting adults to fill up the machines then repeat the £5 jackpot up to 8 times with all the cheats i knew, i regularly turned £2 into £50-£100. My parents split up when i was 10 and i regularly went on holiday with my mum, her way of making up for her absence i suppose. I remember stealing £20 out of my dads wallet when i was 13 the morning before i went on holiday, my dad had gone out drinking the night before i knew he wouldn’t remember how much he had in his wallet and i needed the £20 to get me started on my gambling binge when i hit the holiday camp.
      Gambling escalated at 17 when i went on holiday and had my own money i put £2 in £250 jackpot machine and i won! I then went on another machine whilst my winnings were being counted £2 won me another £250!! well that complete elation and euphoria would later turn to disaster misery heartache and destruction of me.Remember when you point the finger of responsibility at someone else there's four fingers pointing back at you!

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