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      Hi all hope everyone ok. It’s been a while since I Av been on here busy with the little ones my son 1 already and beautiful. Still slipt from cg its been hard as he still been in my life however last few wks deceided again to cut off from him I stopped enabling him years ago but I am still enabling him to b part the family when it suits him and enabling him to hurt me. Just pray I stay strong this time..jodie..s

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      Dear Jodie
      It is so good to get an update.   I don’t forget once I have got to ‘know’ someone.
      Unfortunately because you are in the UK I have to suggest that you seek your support now from who are funded for the UK while we are not. 
      I am not rejecting you, I am re-directing you to the support that is available for the UK and I hope you find it everything you need it to be.  
      I hope that you get to the point where you no longer allow your CG’s addiction to hurt you – it saddens me to hear he is still able to do so.  It is good to hear though that you know what you have to do to stop him hurting you and also to hear that you do not financially enable him. 
      It has been a pleasure to know you, you are strong and special so don’t forget it.    I shall miss you Jodie but you will be in good hands with gamcare.   Funding is stretched everywhere for this addiction and I have no choice.
      Velvet x

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      Thank you velvet take care to..xx

Viewing 2 reply threads
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