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      Hello guys, I’m Portuguese and I’m 25 years old. Since 18 years I frequent the casino. After several months playing poker at home of friends decided to try the casino. Things went so well that the first few days a friend of mine who is a professional poker player, decided to play me to play at the casino daily. In the first months I gained about 20,000 €. € 10,000 for each. From my € 10,000 € about 4,000 spent on gambling in the actual casino. I ended up spending € 6,000 others in sports betting, lost everything a few days after making the first bet. I ran out of money and used the € 5,000 that professional poker player my friend had given me, I spent it all on gambling in one day. I told him everything and he gave me more money to play poker, I ended up spending it all on gambling also. Nowadays not go a day without spending between 20/50 € on gambling, money that is not mine, because I did not study and work. All the money I will ask my girlfriend and my parents, spent the game. I’m currently a debt of about € 12,000 to my friend, plus about € 10,000 which I must recover to play poker because I started to lose in poker too. a debt total of 22,000 €. I have many friends professional poker, the best players in the country, with some gains above 1,000.000€. I feel I know enough to be winning at poker, but I did not bother to try it because I always end up trying to make easy money gambling, without having to think and work hard as in Poker. I have lost count of the money that my girlfriend gave me for betting. I always think that will be a lucky day that I will pay the debt to my friend, but I always end up losing all your money, money that is not mine. I just wanted to share a bit of my story, I’ll try to make this day, the day zero, and change. It will take, but I should be able to work to pay my debts and regain my dignity. My last bet was a few minutes ago, hopefully with your help never return to betting.

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