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Hi idi
Thanks idi, you have been very helpful to me today. And sometimes like in our earlier conversations I think you are indeed heaven sent cos your ideas are always good. And we discussed the. Ore desperate ideas in group last night. I like your mad ideas, you are a creative thinker. That is such a good trait. It is not a character defect (outdated concept). Not so mad cos I never fulfilled what I wanted to do in this life. But not sure whether the subjects I would want to study are eligible for a loan. These are naturopathic medicine or Ayurvedic Medicine. Would someone give me a student loan at my age?
When I finished reading your email my daughter rang. I told her what a bad place I have been in. She had some good news. After years at home with the kids, she has got a job as a support worker In a halfway house for people with addiction and mental health issues. I said I was delighted for her and that she should get some practice In before she started with her mother. I also rang the business debt line. Although there is a half hour hold time, their advice is very good. They said without doubt with the council it is complaint copied to mp and local councillor, he said they should not be treating me this way. Thanks again idi.