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I loved your post on Bettie’s page. It is so true how we look at facts and the reason why something turned out the way it did for someone else. However, when it is us we beat ourselves up and don’t say nice things or thoughts to ourselves. Keep thinking positive that things will work out for you with a job. I believe that it will all happen as it is meant to, but it is so hard to stay positive when we want everything in place. You will find a job that you like and that utilizes your skills. We sometimes have to step back and realize how far we have come. I know that we have to focus on today and for me it is what I have to do. We can look back and get lost on all the things that we did wrong, or we can say, wow I have come a long way since I started recovery!!!! I don’t think I will ever feel totally comfortable/secure about not playing those machines again. That is why I just focus on today as I know that I can get through it!!!