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I am aggravated! I left my purse at a cafe today. My new boss paid for lunch and I got up, took my leftover box and walked right out. I didn’t realize it until it was time to leave work. I got a very petty email from my old boss. The woman who took my former position must have reported one of new staff to him. I have no idea why she didn’t just call me or email me herself. I was steaming.
To top off my day, my son texted me at 4o’clock telling me he has a spring chorus concert tonight at 7! I was trying to rush out of the office when I realized I had no purse (no keys, no way to lock the office) uggh
So I only wanted to get this down so I won’t explode.
He was happily napping when I got home. No clothes laid out, no care in the world.
I get to go to the school tonight without dinner and of course by myself, because Reub is working and my Mother was never told about it.
Ok, got to go……