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My Daughter has found an apartment. I’m so proud of her. She has come a long way. Just to think that a little over 4 years ago, she was a drug addict. Her baby saved her life! She has a career she loves and a child she adores. She has been able to purchase a car and secure an apartment on her own. She is my hero! She makes me a proud Mama!!
I have some sadness in my heart concerning my Mother. I would do anything for my Daughters. Their happiness is my happiness. I’ve always longed for a relationship that will never happen. There are too many restrictions and it doesn’t feel natural. It’s something that I need to let go of!
I’ve been thinking of gambling the last 2 days. I think thatf it’s because I’m feeling bored and regimented. It will pass! I’ve ft this before. I know that I will maneuver througj these feelings.