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Hiya K: Starting posting to you and got wiped out, so now I’ve wised up and am writing it in Word. Interesting, isn’t it, how dependent we are on modern technology. Several  years ago, the entire eastern seaboard of North America lost power for between two and four days. Now that was an education, let me tell you.  It was great though … communities came together in ways it doesn’t during normal times. People offered to help fix breakfast for their neighbours, other’s shared extra candles, everyone was just so much more compassionate and helpful. We spent evenings lying on our driveway with the kids looking up at the stars. I have never seen the stars so bright. You won’t believe the experience. It was like going back to the 1600s. There was simply no light from any neighbouring cities or towns … it was as black as I’ve ever seen it in my life.  After two days though, the novelty had worn out and I was desperate for atms, tv, microwaves, fridges, electrical lights … it was so strange. 
Anyway, how did I get onto that rant. I keep missing you on the chat. I’ll keep looking to see if you’re around, but it will be beddy-byes soon. If I don’t speak to you, have a wonderful week and enjoying the late days of your summer.
RGThis moment is all we really have.  Be happy in it.