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Johnny B

To answer your questions:

I filed bankruptcy to control the debt…I had a solid income after I had filed, however I kept gambling.  I was not able to tuck anything away because I kept playing.  Ultimately I got married, and kept gambling.  Almost lost my wife of less than two years over my “habit”.  I was fortunate, with the help of marriage counseling, I finally realized maybe I was wrong and needed to step up.  I am currently approximately 5 months gamble free.  Which is a huge amount of time considering I have played and lost for over 30 years.  I don’t have alot of money, but since I haven’t been pissing it away, I am living a “normal” life.  My most recent debt load was wiped out by cashing in an IRA (basically my lifes savings)…but I am debt free/ and gamble free as of this writing (other than house and car payments).  I hesitate to say it, but life is good.  I am very afraid to open pandoras box anymore.  I loved the rush, the wins were great…the losses have probably taken years off of my life.  Gambling was supposed to be fun.  It stopped being fun a long time ago!

I hope you keep in control.  If you are a trader for a living, unfortunately you are in a trick bag and need all of the self control you can muster!… Be smart, stay diligent.

Best wishes

Johnny B