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Thanks, Dan, likewise. I think we came onto the GT site at approximately the same time. That and a shared taste in movies/tv shows, there must be some relevant film/cinema as therapy experiences there.

It’s been a while, but yes, I did love The Mission. It has one of my favorite movie scores and composers (Ennio Marcone) of all time, and of course, DeNiro. On top of the personal/moral courage themes, I also remember poignant themes of redemption, which resonated with me quite strongly. I like about 95% of any movie DeNiro has been in – Midnight Run – lol! to the Godfather, etc.

I have so many favorites movies, so tend to remember them by category, but one of my all time favorite foreign films is Cinema Paradiso (epic coming of age story).

I haven’t been able to watch too much TV or movies lately, but on TV, I am really liking Sleepy Hollow to my pleasant surprise.