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      Hi My name is Sam.
      I used to kid myself that the money I was spending didnt affect my lifestyle so it was alright.
      But recently I have come to realise that at 32yrs old some of my life plans have been on hold.
      For instance I am not married and have no children I also have no mortgage.
      Each of the above I once wanted and I have earnt enough money in my life to do all 3.
      Quitting gambling for me for financial reasons only, wouldnt have been enough.
      But I know that I am a better person when I dont gamble, more confident, have more energy/patience and most of all more focused!
      And so to the next chapter
      Plan a gamcare meeting, visit gamblers anon and let my girlfriend handle the monies for the time being. (Hey also post on here)
      lets end on a positive though – my week also is now filled with many exciting things – aikido, golf, football, running, snooker, darts.
      Each of these I also once enjoyed more than the lonely, indenpendant world of compulsive gambling.

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