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      I really need some help here please
      I’m 28 years old, I started playing fobt’s in October 2009, when I used work for the forensic science services as an forensic scientist, I’ve been working there for 3 and half years when in oct 2009 I was suspended for 2 months for unprofessional behaviour at court, basically I work in the child abuse/sexual assault department, and I’m passionate about child being abuse and women being raped,, I worked on one case for 1 year when in court the judge dismissed the case due to some silly **** he had stuck up his arse the old fart, and I got angry and said some things to the judge I was removed for the court room and put in to remand , then give a £1500 fine and told that im suspended without pay for 2months ,,, 
       this should have been it, I should have went home man up to my wife and tell what happened,,, but no, no, no, big man over here thought I can lie and hid it from my missus,,, and guest ever since then all ive been doing is bull****ting to her…..
      to cut a long story short I was trying to pass the time(pretending to my family im at work), when it was raining I when to get away from the rain in a bookmakers William hill to be precise, first time ever in there I saw the arcade machine with fruit games on it,, the women over counter was looking at me funny, maybe she though I was under 18years old(I do look young),, so I just turned around towards the machine stuck 20pound the cashslot, and playing a game called pot of gold,,, what a game, couple of spin later balance is at 8pounds 5 wells come up, I pick one and its £150, the next spin was crazy, all I heard was yeah, yeah, yeah ive got 3 rainbow symbols in the middle reels next min the game change and this funny characters starts dancing, the music stop and the it lands on gold £500 smack-a rooneys woohoo……yeah right as if since then I never won any thing over £350, funny and in those 4years ive lost over £45,000, highest lost in bookies was £7500 in a morning session(10am-12pm), mind you I have won in the bookie but no on fobt’s I won £6500 in 2010 on the irish lotto (match 4 numbers), I won £16,000 on the 49s in 2012 on 4 numbers for a £2 stake, I’ve £11,000 on footy accumulator in 2010, but guest what stuck that all in the fobt,,,
      today july 2013 12th ive lost another £3000 can’t do it anymore my wife’s a fast asleep while in bed sweeting away typing this message up, can’t sleep, can’t eat, can’t concentrate at work(don’t how I still got a job), 
      I know there other people in my position but I really feel alone,,, I can’t this anymore, I hide away, please anyone can give us so advice,,, I know im a dick for getting my self in this position but I can’t get myself out now………..
      kind regards 
        one love

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      to add from my last message,,,,
      after my suspension 3months later we were given redundancies, because the forensic science services was government owned but in billions of pounds in debts loosing 3million a day, it was closed down in late 2011,,,
      I did find a job within the scientific industry (pharmaceutical), but ever since then its been the same **** different day for myself,,,,
      today I didn’t go to the bookies, but all day I was thinking about that basted machine,,, I know this isn’t normal, and deep down, I know I’m ill, or some thing wrong in my head,, 
      but I have promise my self no matter what im not going in the bookie again, that includes footy accumulators, Irish lotto, 49s lotto, horses, dogs,   
      so I’ve finally cashed out……….. and the pay out ticket amount is -£46,700….
      REMEMBER: when your chasing your loses, your actually chasing a ghost, which you’ll never catch………
      kind regardsone love

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