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Thanks kin, you are always so supportive. I hate to admit that I had relapsed yesterday but it is true. I was enjoying a relaxing morning when I got an email from a site that I had self excluded on and I had some free spins!!! Sadly, that is all it took to get the juices flowing. It just shows how avoiding all triggers is important, even when the urges and thoughts have been diminishing. I am avoiding all emails now while sitting at home ( I was having to look for a specific email that was important regarding my daughters tuition) so that this does not happen again. It is unfortunate that the self exclusions only last for a year and then they are back at you. I have opted for no emails on all of them but some still stick reminders when the exclusions are up so I will have to avoid them when I am most vulnerable. It is good that j had limited funds at that point so that the damage, financially, was limited. I am hopeful that I will do better now that I have a better plan and am learning my ins and outs to success. I hope that everyone is strong, avoids their pitfalls, and is gamble free today.