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Kin: thanks for your help/reply on this thread-it’s much appreciated! I hope to be of help to others
if I possibly can…pass on whatever useful knowledge that I can….

That is very good question you’ve have asked and I have a couple of thoughts/ideas …
first off…I know I can be a sensitive person…having said that;
I think sometimes I let too many possible minor things bother me..
and then I reach for my drug[s] of choice…
gambling being the main one….

Yesterday I had a couple of instances at work that I could have let bother me…but instead I
chose to look at some positive points of my day -to the best of my ability-
and chose not to allow these issues to bother me.
Also …I’ve done a “cost benefit” analysis and I am in shock as to
how much I’ve lost trying to bet or
even play the lottery..
I always seem to spend more money than I initially intended;
and I never win much….
making gambling a “chore” which I no longer enjoy at any level …