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Hi Blondie

I don’t have long tonight as I have just finished my group but I wanted you to know that you have been heard and understood. Unfortunately I am away for a couple of day for a funeral but I hope to give you a longer reply on Friday. In the meantime I offer you the following: – your son can control his addiction; if it were not so I would not be writing to you. He is almost certainly lacking in confidence and self-esteem however much he is telling you that he can handle what he is doing. His behaviour will be irrational but you are wasting your energy being stressed about it. You losing sleep will change nothing but it will cause your health to suffer. His gambling debts are his debts, not yours and paying them off only allows him a clean slate to gamble further.

I have to leave this here but there are a lot of things to say to you – not least of which is how important it is that you look after yourself. Try and put his poor behaviour out of your mind for sometime every day, see friends, enjoy hobbies and live ‘your’ life, believe me it is the best thing that you can do for you and for your son too. I will write again soon.