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Hi Mark and welcome to the forum.

I think you might at some stage have to make a decision. This is a gambling addiction, even if you are a good poker player but it is course still gambling.

I can see two problems for you. Firstly, now that you have blocked other forms of gambling the addiction will have only the one way to get it’s buzz and fix. As a result you are more likely to have less control with your poker, more likely to chase etc as your addiction switches it’s outlet.

Secondly, when you play poker, either online or in “real life”, you are going to find yourself in very close vicinity to other forms of gambling. You will do so at a time when you have access to your gambling funds. Again this is going to make it very difficult for you.

There were forms of gamblign that I was pretty good at, elements about gambling that I truly loved to do, there came a time though that I had to make a choice. Were the things that I loved about gamblign worth the ***t that followed? Unfortunately as an addict I couldn’t have one without the other. It may be that, either now or later when in deeper trouble, you may have to make the same choice.

Keep posting and maybe I will meet you in one of the groups here as well.