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Hi Semaj, each time I hit a new low I would dwell on it. Until I had money again. And then I would chase those losses, forgetting about the fact that what I was doing was exactly how I got them. I’ve met a former lotto winner here. He gambled away his lotto win. Because really it’s the gambling that has us hooked. I guess my point is, each time we hit a new low we dwell on what we have lost. It represents things we could have bought or done or ways we could have stopped doing the crap job we don’t like or so many other options. But when we were stuffing it all in a slot machine or placing it on a number on line it i didn’t represent any of those things. If you keep going $10,000 would be but a small price to pay to be able to look at gambling addiction in your rear view mirror! It will mostly likely be so much more. So by not betting that next dollar just think how much you are saving! You didn’t chose to be an addict but you can chose recovery. Stay strong,