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Insomnia and procrastination seem to be my nemesis at this point. I had to reschedule my blood work today as it is snowing and the roads are slick and the police are reporting many accidents, and some highways closures. Flights are being cancelled both leaving and landing, so best not to risk an accident. I guess I’ll be home watching Dr. Phil today. I haven’t been outside of my house for the past three days. I can’t seem to track down my last paycheque and no one is returning my calls. Our grandson’s father is still not changing his mind about our grandson travelling with us, and has said that he will not change his mind. It is somewhat worrisome but it is something I have no control over. A few gambling thoughts but no urges. I have to keep reminding myself that bad things can happen to people that keep compulsively gambling. I have too much to lose if I gamble. I think that I would not stoop to illegal behavior to gamble but other people who never thought they would do what they did, have. None of us knows what our bottom could become. One day at a time. Carole